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Moonlite Filter Slide with Dew Heater


From Moonlite:

The Filter slide is black anodized aluminum and is designed to be mounted on the inside of the scope’s OTA directly under the focuser. It has a 4 position slide with one oversized position to accommodate long barlows or coma correctors that may need to extend through the filter slide. A 4 watt, 12 volt, DC dew heater system plugs in to any 12 volt dew heater controller. The slide part of the filter slide assembly has a handy finger grip tab on one side and the whole slide can be removed from the holder for storage by removing one of the small stop bolts from one end of the slide. This enables the slide to be stored with the filters still screwed into the slide. It would then fit nicely in a cotton sock, then just store the slide in your EP case.

The filter slide can be installed with any brand focuser by using one of our 3 mounting options.

The hanging bracket system allows the filter slide to install on any 2″ or 2.5″ format focuser. The new hanging bracket system uses 2 sliding dove tail style clamps that slide in to the bottom of the focusers drawtube. The clamps are then tighten up with 2 allen bolts so the filter slide hangs off the bottom of the drawtube. The filter slide will then hang off and travel with the drawtube as it is racked up and down. Moonlite makes 2 sizes of clamps, one for 2″ format focuser drawtubes and a large clamp for 2.5″ large format drawtubes like our CRL model focuser uses.

A 1/2″ spacer with long bolt option is for direct installation with MoonLite CR model focusers only. The filter slide has 4 tapped holes that match the MoonLite CR focuser bolt pattern. This allows the filter slide to be mounting under the MoonLite focuser using the same bolt pattern as the focuser uses. The longer mounting bolts go right through the focuser and included 1/2″ spacer, through the mounting board and thread into the filter slide holder. The filter slide holder becomes the nuts that secures the focuser onto the mounting surface. A 1/2″ spacer and extra long bolts should be used to give the focuser additional height so the draw tube will not hit the filters in the slide when the drawtube is fully racked down. The filter slide holder itself provides 1/2″ of clearance and when combined with included 1/2″ spacer placed under the focuser, a good amount of total clearance can be achieved. A typical configuration would be to mount the focuser using the included 1/2″ spacer on a 1/2″ thick focuser board. This ideal configuration would provide a total of 1 1/2″ of clearance when we add in the 1/2″ clearance that the filter slide holder provides. The focuser configuration should be a MoonLite focuser with the short 1.5″ travel drawtube option installed for this mounting option to be picked.

The “L” bracket mounting option allows the Filter slide to be mounted under non MoonLite brand focusers. The “L” Bracket kit stands the filter slide off the inner OTA surface clearing any existing mounting hardware nuts from the existing focuser. The “L” brackets option provides a wide bolt pattern as to clear the existing focuser. Please note using the “L” bracket mounting kit requires drilling 4 mounting holes in the OTA during installation.


  • 4 position slide (3 threaded for 48/49mm filters, 1 clear)
  • Slide length: 10.5″
  • Base Holder Unit dimensions: 4″ X 2.9″ X 3/4″
  • Weight: 12 oz.
  • Finish: Matt Black 6061 anodized finish.
  • Nylon tipped spring plunger for positive click stop position.
  • Stainless steel hardware.
  • Includes one mounting system


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